Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Walk in the Park

I love the neighborhood my grandparents live in.  One of the reasons for this is the beautiful landscape that is in walkable distance from their home.

Goin' Green ~ Everett Washington Photography

There is a photo competition that I am submitting some work too and it's all about green.  Glad we made a trip to the west side so I was able to get some green photos! 

Westport Washington Lighthouse Photography

I love lighthouses.  The sign we were reading said this one is the tallest in the state of Washington so that was kinda cool. 

For the Birds! ~ Western Washington Photography

Okay so I am not a fan of birds at all.  But when they are the only animal you see all trip those are the pictures you end up with. 

Sand Dollars ~ Westport Washington Natural Photography

I have never seen so many sand dollars on a beach in my life.  We love to go and pick them up!  Here's a few from our rainy day at the beach.

A Dog Day at the Beach ~ Westport Washington Animal Photography

Over Spring Break we met up with Aunt Shawnie at her beach house.  We were so excited to be able to get together with her and grateful she let us come and hang out for the weekend.  She has a beach house in West Port, Washington and so we took the dogs down for a morning walk.   

This is Ruby's idea of the perfect size stick. 

Ruby was dying for someone to throw her log for her, but Oley was the only one that was able to get it to go anywhere.

Lily is never a fan of the beach, becuase it is so cold and she has no hair on her belly.  But for not liking it she is getting better at braving it.

I felt bad that I didn't include any pictures of Dinky on here, but realize I didn't really take any good ones of him becuase it was raining so hard.  But this one will have to do, typical Dinky.
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